Study Law in United Kingdom

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The UK is the best place to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to launch successful careers anywhere in the world. Studying in UK gives an advantage in terms of exposure and networking. The fact that people come from so many different places opens the mind to a lot of different cultures and perspectives. It certainly helps as a law student, as you learn to deploy empathy, socially and professionally.

The UK is the birthplace of law. Malaysia adopts many of its laws from the UK. Lectures in the UK, especially one-on-one during office hours, are really beneficial as sometimes you tend to be a little more shy and intimidated to ask questions in a larger class. So, it definitely helps a student to clarify some points that he / she doesn’t understand. It makes it possible to think more broadly on a global scale. So these experiences really change the way a student thinks.

In case you clear CLAT from India, National Law University is a very good option to pursue LLB. And in case you have some issues in CLAT and you can’t fix them, you can opt to do LLB from UK. And it’s not that expensive according to your imagination. If you got more than 70% in 10 + 2, you can get a 30-40% scholarship. The UK LLB is three years and the UK LLM is one year. Thus, the total duration is 4 years during which one can complete both LLB and LLM and it costs around 30 to 40 Lacs INR.

Studying law in UK is always an excellent option for both Indian students as well as the English law and the legal system is not much distinct from Indian legal system. Not only does a law degree from a UK college allow you to practice in India, but you can also practice law in the UK itself. However, just a three-year LLB course doesn’t get you to practice, it’s just an academic degree. You have to be a solicitor or barrister before you can actually start practicing. A UK degree will allow you to practice on behalf of clients regardless of their location. However, if you are looking for a job, it is really important that employers see that you have had experiences in a city a bit like London. It really gives an advantage.