New Abortion Law of Texas puts women and science at risk

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The Texas abortion bill is referred as S.B. 8, and is outlined as a heartbeat ban abortion system. It prohibits abortion when a fetal heartbeat has been detected. By banning abortion after the six weeks, numerous women in Texas who don’t even know they are pregnant will not be allowed to undergo the procedure in the state. The bill does not have an inclusion of exceptions for women impregnated as a consequence of an incest or the rape, but does provide a provision for medical emergencies.

Let us look at an essential point of this bill from a medical point of view. The heartbeat that Bill refers to is actually not an actual heartbeat. At the start of pregnancy, there is no fully formed heart, it has not yet developed (usually at the end of week 7) and what the instruments detect is an electrical signal that will get replaced by a heartbeat. This is a simplified explanation. This signal can actually be detected as early as the fourth week of pregnancy and the fetal heart differs from the newborn heart. Our heart adapts to life outside the womb after we are born, because the fetus depends on its mother’s lungs rather than its own, so there are basic structural contrasts in the heart of the fetus and newborn. Which is neither here nor there. It’s just to keep us all on the same page when it comes to real science.

What is in fact at issue here are two things. The health, both mental and physical, of the mother and the fetal right to life. If you are going to regard life as sacrosanct and its all-consuming importance, then even allowing a six-week window to end this life seems ridiculous. The number of weeks is arbitrary, life is life, whether it’s six days, six weeks, or six months off and if you really believe in its value you’re not going to negotiate time periods.

Which suggests that it is not really a right to life. Not really. It’s more about politics and Governor Abbott’s conservative outlook on life and potential presidential aspirations. How? ‘Or’ What? Well, as a result of a Supreme Court action challenging S.B. 8. It is a cunning, intelligent and manipulative policy to the detriment of public health.

Legislation may also simply reflect the sexist views of Abbott and his party. The capacity of women to end a man’s progeny makes him vulnerable. The solution is very simple. Take away her right to choose.

The S.B. Abortion law is going to have acountless dire consequences for women in Texas.

  • The bill discriminates against low-income families, women with financial resources can travel out of state to have an abortion, it is not an option for those without the budget to travel freely.
  • An upsurge in illegal and dangerous abortion clinics in the back streets, seriously endangering the health of pregnant women. Mothers who require additional medical care may be subject to prosecution.
  • Pregnancies resulting from rape and incest which are compelled to end by law will put the mental health of the mother at risk and lead to unwanted children.
  • Genetic abnormalities discovered later in the pregnancy will not allow the mother to consider an abortion under current legislation.

In essence, the message this new legislation sends to women across Texas is blunt, having a little care about the health and the choice rights of women.