Law in Korea

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When you visit Korea, there are so many kinds of entertainment. There are lots of Korean cultures and joyful things. So you can go to various club or pub to drink and have fun. But people can get mad easily when they are drunk. So there is a high possibility that assault and other incidents can happen. Imagine you are involved in an assault case in Korea. When you are beaten by other person. That case, it’s not the difficult case. You are just a victim, and the beater, or the perpetrator, is to be punished. Because Korean and Japanese police can catch the criminal very well.

First, you have to call the police in Korea. Call 112 number if you need help from the police. The Koreans usually call the police in this situation. Then you have to make sure there is any witness of assault cases. Get their name and phone number. And check if there is CCTV in the place or near the place. There are a lot of CCTV’s in Korea. And go to the hospital, if you get injured. Then get a medical certificate that says how many days or weeks you need to be cured.

In Korean Criminal Act, there are mainly two kinds of crimes when you get bitten by others. One is “crime of violence”, and the other is “bodily injury”. The main difference of two crimes is whether you get injured or not, if you get injured and get a medical certificate of injury, it is “bodily injury” crime case. In this case, they may be punished harder than “crime of violence” without any injury. You can file a lawsuit against the perpetrator for damages.

On the other hand, if you beat someone, that is not a good case but the problem may be a bit difficult. You can be arrested by police if the victim calls the police. Make sure the police follow due process when they arrest you. And don’t beat the police. Never imagine about that. Because it can be more serious problem in Korea but it’s the better way to find a lawyer so that they can defend you. It’s easier way to agree with the victim to solve the problem. Because if the victim is not injured, it’s crime of violence case and if the victim doesn’t want you to be punished, you can’t be punished. And if the victim is injured, it is better to agree with the victim.

Remember the agreement with the victim is the most important thing in the violence cases. But the police usually don’t speak English, so you need a lawyer who can speak English for you. So the best way in this case is to find a lawyer who can speak English.