Important Things to know about Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson

The most significant things that one shall never forget about Ketanji Brown Jackson, Justice-designate of Supreme Court of United States of America are as follows:-

  1. The birth of Jackson was in Washington, D.C. and growth in Miami. Her parents had a residence in South Florida and were were school teachers profession. The had a respresentation of Miami-Dade School Board as chief attorney.
  2. Her parents gave her name as “Ketanji”  in order to show pride in the family’s African heritage. At the time, they asked an aunt from the Peace Corps to send me a list of the names of African girls. She met her future husband, surgeon Patrick Jackson at Harvard.
  3. In case of confirmation, Jackson as a graduate of law school would join various other old granduates on the high court. Along with former Justices Kennedy, Scalia and Ginsburg, the law school was attended Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Elena Kagan and Neil Gorsuch.
  4. Her younger brother Ketajh served as a Baltimore police officer and then served in the US military in Iraq. He is also a lawyer. She spokes after President Biden announced Jackson as a nominee to the Supreme Court at the White House Cross Hall in Washington on February 25, 2022.
  5. Jackson was a debate winner at high school. She recalled the experience as one of the most rewarding experiences of her life. Sometimes she gives women and minorities a confidence that can be quite difficult to develop at a young age.
  6. As an an undergraduate at Harvard, she  took participation in drama classes and was in an improvisation group namely On Thin Ice. She recalls once working with future actor Matt Damon as a partner of drama class.
  7. From the year 1999-2000, she worked as Breyer’s clerk. When Jackson was first nominated to Congress in 2013, Breyer began the conversation with the words “Hire her,” at the time of consultation the White House.
  8. It was tweeted the Wisconsin Republican congressman that our politics may be distinct but the admiration for Ketanji’s intelligence, character and integrity is clear.