Best Career Opportunities in Law

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Law is a very addictive profession. Practicing law is not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why there’s something really special about Advocates. Here are the best career opportunities in the field of law.


In order to be enrolled as an Advocate, you need to pass the All India Bar Exam conducted by the Bar Council of India. Once you have cleared this exam, you are enrolled as an Advocate. After the said enrollment, you can either practice as a junior of a senior Lawyer in various Courts or being your own practice in the field of Criminal, Civil, Income Tax, Cyber law or any other field you desire.


The second option is to work as an associate or a junior partner under various renowned firms which provides a package of around twenty to thirty lacs per annum.

Judicial Services

It is the perfect opportunity for those desirous of being appointed in the judicial services. They are appointed as the Magistrate. Each and every state has its own judicial service examination. Once you clear their examination, you can be appointed as a Magistrate.

There is also career option to be appointed as a District Judge but for that eligibility is that you must have an experience of seven years of Advocacy along with that the minimum age limit is thirty five years. Once you have both of these requirements, you have to clear an examination, after passing that examination, you are appointed as a District Judge.

Public Service Commission

In this, you have a vacancy and you can appoint it as a junior law officer and also the assistant public prosecutors.

Competitive Exams

In this field, you can be appointed as a Law officer in the different banks or various multinational companies. This is a very good career opportunity for those seeking employment in government.


A very good career opportunity on the next is to pursue masters in the field of Law. Once you have completed your LLB, you have the option of pursuing a master’s degree which is an LLM. After completion of LLM in any of these specialized areas of law i.e. Labor Law, Human Rights, Jurisprudence, Constitution or any other field, you can be appointed as a Lecturer at various renowned universities or law colleges in India.


The next career opportunity is to take Law Diploma courses. For example: if you pursue Law under the Labour Law, you can appointed as a Labour Law Officer,  if you pursue Income Tax, you can be appointed as Income Tax expert and if you pursue Diploma in Cyber Law, you can be appointed as Cyber Law expert. So, once you have obtained a particular Diploma, you can be appointed under that particular vacancy.

Legal Journalism

One of the most interesting and emerging fields these days is the field of legal journalism. Legal journalism is an area in which Lawyers provide services to people who are related to the field of journalism. Journalism is an area in which people of mass communication, generally those who have done journalism in their studies, are enrolled as Journalists. Thus, they do not have much control over the Law when it comes to analyzing the legal judgment or any other verdict that the Courts have decided. In this case, Lawyers play an essential role. It is therefore a very emerging and vital opportunity for lawyers.


The next career opportunity is the interface between research and academics. You can work for various generals. You can also work for various research institutions. It is being assumed that Lawyers are good in speaking, Lawyers are good in writing, and Lawyers are good in communication. All of these three qualities make for a very good career option.


You can work for the Non-Governmental Organization. These also offer good career opportunities and that is why you can also render your services to them.

Legal Outsourcing

Outsourcing is an area where people from other countries render their services and they request services from people residing in other different countries. India can be termed as a hub for Lawyers from other countries who want the services of Indian Lawyers. Thus, the outsourcing of legal processes is also a very good emerging area in the field of Law.